Mark is a visionary director who combines boundless imagination with technical prowess to devastating effect.  Whether working in corporate, commercial or film his DNA is threaded through every production ensuring it is both unique and compelling.  However, bringing stories to the screen is but one of Mark's many talents for he is also a storyteller in the purest sense, writing treatments and scripts that demand to be produced.  I feel both proud and privileged to work with Mark and hope to do so for as long as we both have a passion for motion pictures.

NEAL MOORE - Co-Founder & CEO, Click2View Pte Ltd (Singapore)


Since 2011, I have worked with Mark Blackman on a number of occasions. I am very proud of the work that we have done together and I would have found the films much more difficult to execute if he had not been directing them. We have mainly made global documentary films together, and I choose to work with Mark on these projects because I was looking for a modern look and approach. I admire his short films and his music video work, and I wanted to translate these looks and feels into the films that I was making. The first major project that we worked on together was a set of films that looked at a day in the life of children from around the world. These films have gone on to win many global awards, and this is largely due to the relentless energy and creativity that Mark brings to every project that he is involved in. 

JOHN GOLLEY - Producer, BBC, The Edge Picture Company


I've had the pleasure to work with Mark on a number of projects for clients in the UK and Internationally. His talent, reliability and attention to detail has helped surmount many a challenge and I would have no hesitation in working with him again on any project. Not least because (modesty will forbid him to admit it) he's also a very funny man and great guy to have a beer with.

LEE EDWARDS - Creative Director, NBC Universal


We have hired Mark on multiple occasions and he is yet to let us down. Mark approaches every single job with professionalism, expertise and a strong work ethic that is always a joy to work with. On top of that, the results on screen are fantastic. We have hired him before and we will hire him again and again!

EDWARD DARK - CEO and Director, Catsnake


I’ve worked with Mark Blackman for many years on a variety of projects. He’s a very talented and versatile creative,director, DOP and editor. He’s always a pleasure to spend time with and I defy anybody to know a film fact he doesn’t.

ANNA GRUND - Senior Director, devilfish